A tongue-in-cheek digital lettering piece inspired by the trials and tribulations of adulthood.


We were forced into adulthood...

...choosing careers, responsibly making a living, and learning about RRSP's, TFSA's and the CRA. This piece was created as a subtle battle cry on behalf of the millennial generation, who were forced into adulting before they were fully qualified to do so (hint: no one is ever fully qualified).


Exhibited at the 2016 Swash & Serif Typography exhibit

September 2016


The Lettering Process

My process starts with (several) loose pencil sketches, a full rendering in India ink, and the final vector trace in Adobe Illustrator using a mononline weight for uniformity.



Drop (shadow) it like it's hot

In the final stage, basic grid lines are used to maintain consistency in the baseline. Drop shadows and outlines are then added to create a sense of depth and perspective. Et voila!



Comin' right up...

Do the Thing

Paper-cut lettering piece

Live Life Well

Digital lettering piece