Google Web Font Favorites

I learned this week that not all Google Web Fonts are ugly. Some are actually quite lovely.

Web-based fonts have come a long way from a few years ago, in my early days of coding. There are many high quality typefaces available for free, with outstanding technical and visual characteristics; not to mention high compatibility on a wide variety of browsers, operating systems, and devices. At the end of the day, Google Web Fonts is a collaborative, open-source project that often becomes an integral part of a web developer's toolbox.

In the name of promoting better typography on the world wide web, here are a few Google Fonts that I've taken a liking to recently (you'll even see a few of them used throughout my own website!).

Thank you for reading my typographical shortlist, and promise me you'll give Google Fonts a chance in your next web design project! I'll be uploading additional favourites to this list as I fall in love with new typefaces, so be sure to check back for new additions. I was also lucky enough to have stumbled upon this amazing resource by Chad Mazzola, & I'm sharing it with you as a thank you for reading to the very end of this post. 

AC  :)