Mood Board : Blush & Blue

Between client opportunities abounding, working with beautiful graphics all day every day, unexpected government cheques, rejuvenating family cottage weekends, and a whole lot of finding my design groove, the future is looking lovely and I couldn't be happier. Recent client projects are wrapping up, some are exposing me to very valuable perspectives, and I'm developing a deeper sense of meaning & empowerment in running my own business.

Every day of this summer has left me feeling fulfilled, having transitioned from a work environment that just wasn't the right fit to a new life with endless possibilities. The world spins madly on, & I'm dancing in the chaos. My world has been made brand new, and I couldn't have a more grateful heart. 

This mood board is a prime example of me experiencing the utmost satisfaction in my work and client projects. A website re-design for a local bridal boutique has been a wonderful opportunity to focus on a luxurious, feminine aesthetic while applying my love of web design & digital experience. 

Project launches are on the horizon, and I couldn't be more excited to share them with you.