Mood Board : Personal Identity

The evolution of a personal brand is a very interesting, exhilarating, and repetitive process. Any artist or designer will tell you tales of visually reincarnating themselves multiple times over the course of their careers. As a designer's work evolves, so does their self-perception. 

Amidst establishing my own creative studio, officially (inc)orporating myself, and dancing through a life transformation I've described to many as a "career cha-cha," I found myself lost amidst a sea of design projects and unable to clearly define my purpose. My WHY statement, the direction that points my compass due north, was completely off my radar.

Over the past few weeks, I took a BIG step back to re-evaluate my entire existence (holy sh*t). I delved into old journals, fished through past work, and purged a great deal of embarassing University art projects to arrive at a blank slate perfect for forward momentum.  

At this "blank canvas" stage, it seemed appropriate to dive headfirst into a personal re-branding. As I adjust my creative sail to steer me into a typography abyss, I'll be posting my progress on this blog for any folks who want to join me for the ride. 

Cheers, -A