Designing for Digital Health

The “restore connection” alert isn’t just for devices– it applies to people too. And it’s more important now than ever before.

We have a responsibility as creators of digital products to enable others to disconnect, and re-connect with themselves– physically, mentally and socially. This intersection is an emerging category Andréa likes to call digital health, and it’s something we can create together. In this talk, I shared actionable strategies, principles and considerations for designing with digital health top of mind. We got into some #realtalk about how we can collectively create more balance and presence for the humans using our products.


Talk Title
Designing for Digital Health

FITC Amsterdam
RBC FutureMakers

February 18th, 2018
March 27th, 2018

Talk Abstract
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The Twitter Version:

We’re building the news headlines of the future… but most importantly, we’re building the habits of the future, too.

-@andreacrofts #FutureMakers



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Need another solid tweet from this talk? I’ve got you covered.

Technology is exploiting vulnerability in human psychology. Dopamine-driven habit loops are gradually gnawing away at our physical and mental health. It's time we re-claim them for good.

-@andreacrofts #FutureMakers