A mobile-first evolution for Rebecca Atwood

Brooklyn-based textile designer and author Rebecca Atwood came to TWG with hopes of tapping into her mobile-centric audience. We gave her a shiny new mobile-first experience.



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Mobile-first, because it's 2016.

Rebecca Atwood has a very engaged social following on Instagram and beyond, so it made sense that her website should make the most of mobile traffic. With a site that was far from responsive and spread across two platforms (Wordpress and Shopify), Rebecca was looking to unify and refresh her tired online presence.

Enter, TWG. We designed and built a new Shopify experience from scratch, with a particular focus on the process behind the products, the ability to shop by colour and style, and ease of navigation throughout the site. The result was a unique shopping experience with the familiarity of e-commerce best practices, and the je-ne-sais-quoi of elegant design. 

Here's how we did it...




Our Process



On typography tiles

Typography tiles helped us get a feel for Rebecca's aesthetic sensibilities early in the process.

They helped us to isolate key elements of the site's design and to focus the conversation on the options presented. These marked the first step in developing Rebecca's refreshed design system.


Drawing the welcome mat.

When we first set out to design Rebecca's website, we were looking for the pièce de résistance that would create a truly memorable experience. Our project team banded together and whiteboarded our most uninhibited ideas. We started with the home page, which had the most potential for wow-factor.

It was from this exercise that our team came up with the concept of a "shoppable room;" an image that could contain almost all of Rebecca's product offerings; from textiles to wallpapers to pillows.

This feature became one of the site's most-clicked features, and a custom Shopify implementation on the back end allowed Rebecca and her team to easily edit the product pin locations and information.


“You really took the time to think outside the box. One of the things that I like most about our site is the interactive image. It's something I had never seen before.”


Rebecca Atwood, Founder and Creative Director


25% Increase

In mobile usage


35% Increase

In overall site traffic


35% Increase

In sales



Mobile traffic and overall site engagement have significantly improved, and many people have told us how great the site looks.”

Rebecca Atwood, Founder and Creative Director

Read the full review   Visit the site at rebeccaatwood.com