Before joining my customer family, please read the following terms. This ensures that we're on the same page prior to processing your order. Should you have any concerns about any of the following, please feel free to email me at

Discount Program

We're in the process of creating pre-designed stationery suites for purchase in our shop. You can help us grow our offering of pretty paper! If you're looking for custom design without the price tag, we'll provide a 20% discount off your custom order, should you give us permission to sell your design to future Ava customers. We will often make simple modifications to these designs before adding them to our online shop, so your design will remain unique regardless of who purchases it after you.

Suggested Timeline

After the excitement of your engagement, stationery should be one of the first items checked off your wedding to-do list. Your guests should be formally notified of your wedding date around 6 months before the event (save-the-date time!) and a formal invitation should be sent 3-4 months before your wedding with more concrete details such as venue, time, and accommodations.


The majority of our "collection" designs can be customized using our selection of popular colours, monogram designs, and font selections. Custom suites provide a full range of design possibilities, with every detail tailored to suit your needs. For both options, you will be asked to submit your information to personalize your purchase using your information (full names, venue, time, etc.). Directly following the payment process, you will be asked to fill out an order form that will ask you to submit the information and wording that will be used in your purchased products. You will have the opportunity to review this information in the proofing process (we'll learn more about that shortly).

Production Timeline

After submitting your order, we will send a confirmation email advising you when you can expect to receive proofs of your chosen design. Pre-designed suites require about 1 to 2 weeks for proof design. For custom orders, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for proofs to be created. When using our custom design services, please allow a total of 6-8 weeks for proof creation and revision. Custom design is a highly collaborative process that requires quite a bit of back-and-forth, but we promise it's well worth  the effort!

The Proofing Process

At the proofing stage, we'll e-mail you a pdf containing your digital proofs, as well as your exact order specifications (size, paper choice, colour choices, wording, etc.) for approval. During this process, you'll double-check that the spelling, layout, tone, formality and design are exactly as you'd like them. We've learned from experience that mobile phones are not ideal devices for approving proofs, as colours will often appear distorted and design elements skewed. For best results, please review all proofs on a computer monitor. Once approved by e-mail, your designs will be sent to print!

Watermarks and Logos

Our watermark (faint logo & copyright information) may be present on orders during the proofing stage. Your designs will not be printed with this watermark. All greeting card and print orders will have our logo and/or website information printed on the reverse.


All design proofs include two rounds of revisions, with additional revisions billed at $30 per revision. When providing feedback, please consolidate your thoughts into one e-mail- this streamlines the revision process and ensures that no detail is missed. 

Order Cancellation

Whatever the reason, some things just don't work out. Up until the production/printing process, custom orders may be cancelled with 70% of the total cost returned to the customer. Collection orders will receive a 90% refund. However, all orders are non-refundable once they have been printed. 


Sometimes, mistakes happen. If the mistake was approved by the customer in the proofing stage, we are not responsible for re-printing free of charge, as production fees are involved. However, we are willing to reprint your order for 60% of the original price. If reprinting is required due to an error on our part, we will re-print your order at no cost, and deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Perfect Imperfections

Our products are crafted by hand and personalized with love by our designers. Because of this, you may notice some minor imperfections in your finished product. This is natural! However, you can be sure that we won't send you products we wouldn't be proud to display at the finest days of our own lives. If the final product doesn't meet your standards, please let us know and we'll fix what's broken.


We ship internationally, however shipping and customs rates differ from country to country. If you are an international client, please contact us by e-mail at before placing your order. We will provide an estimate for shipping costs, which will then be added to the total cost of your order.

Day-Of-Signage and Décor

Your first priority will likely (& understandably) be invitations, response/RSVP cards, and website design to get the word out about your event. However, we do offer day-of paper products including table numbers, escort cards, guest lists, menus, programs, directional signage, and other pretty paper products. After completing your initial stationery order, please contact us about 2 to 3 months before your wedding for additional day-of signage. We also have a collection of day-of touches such as quotes and table numbers available for quick purchase in our shop. Additional items can be custom-designed for you using design elements and the overall style from your invitations. 

Addressing and Assembly

If you wish to print address labels with us, please send both 1) your return address and 2) all guest addresses in one single Microsoft Word document, in the exact format you would like them. Please note that we are not responsible for spelling errors or incorrect addresses, so please review this document thoroughly before sending it to us. We advise you to start compiling this list as soon as possible, as it can be the most time consuming part of the invitation process for many of our clients. To help demystify this step, we've put together a comprehensive guide that includes everything you'll need to know about addressing, assembly and formatting.

Promotion and Marketing

We love what we do, and as a result, we love to share the things we make with the world. It's never been easier to do so. We love social media, and use it as a tool for the marketing & promotion of our company. By submitting an order with us, you certify that we have your permission to post your invitations on our website, social media, and on additional blogs for promotional purposes. If you are not comfortable with your products or testimonials being used for promotional purposes, please let us know, and we will change your information to protect your privacy.


Ready to join our customer family? We'd be honored to be a part of your special day.