Living in Fantasy with The White Book Wedding Co.

The White Book Wedding Co. offers boutique wedding planning services for the couple whose essence is style, class and beauty. TWB's Creative Director, Danielle Barich, came to me to create an elegant identity and online presence.



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Andréa Crofts Studio


Identity and Web Design


Identity, Stationery and Web Design

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Getting started

Danielle's goal was to achieve a high-end yet approachable aesthetic. Heavily inspired by Paris, high fashion and all things weddings, we began by 


The process began by identifying Alejandra's core objectives for Solkissed, and developing an aesthetic that would achieve them. We started with mood boards to identify several directions the brand could take. This exercise also helped to solidify our colour palette.


I would try to explain Creative Director Danielle Barich's thought process behind the blog, but she summed it up beautifully: "People ask me all the time what it is about weddings that I love so much. The answer may seem silly to some, but what I love about weddings is the fantasy. Weddings are every creative person’s dream. An outlet where you can leave the box and scribble outside the lines and transform a mundane space or day into a whatever you can dream up. You can create and escape the reality of the world for one night for a celebration all designed for you and the one you love." 



Part II - Logo Design

A loosely lettered logo

It was hand lettering that initially drew Alejandra to work with me, so naturally we focused on hand lettered concepts for the Solkissed wordmark. Our goal was to create a script that was loose, yet elegant, paired with brand elements that spoke to the brand's Peruvian roots.




Part III - Stationery

More than pretty paper

Solkissed's stationery, accessories and product tags were inspired by luxury. Gold foil on black cardstock made the product the focal point, while reinforcing the brand's upscale nature. Together, we developed a sophisticated logo mark that spoke to both the company's laid-back Peruvian roots and high-end product line.



Part IV - Looking Ahead

Future state

At the time of this project, Solkissed sold their products primarily online, and in a number of boutiques across the United States. To ensure its' versatility, we explored how the logo would translate into environment design and rendered it on a storefront, as well as custom packaging. 



“Our new branding feels so original. I love the elegant script. Thank you so much for everything.”


Alejandra Boggiano, Owner and Designer