The #30DaysOfType Project

Thank you for stopping by my blog, friends! You may have stumbled upon this little project of mine by following me on Instagram or Twitter. Regardless of your chosen social media fix and/or the forces of the universe that led you to this page, I'm thrilled that you've found yourself here, and thank you for stopping by!

The backstory:

In January 2013, a simple Tumblr blog marked my fore into hand lettering and typography; it was a passion project (truthfully, more of a procrastination project) that commenced in my final year of University, born amidst gruelling thesis research and pre-graduation pressures. This blog, appropriately titled Typography Journal, documented daily musings expressed through hand-lettered typography. It became a wonderful outlet for creativity and a means of exploring the world outside the parameters of a screen.

Flash-forward to today, the #30DaysOfType project travels 30 steps further by sharing thoughts, dreams, musings, quotes, and other lovely lettering with you; the wonderful folks that fuel my creativity on a daily basis. Throughout the duration of the project, I rendered 1 quote per day and shared the final compositions via Instagram and Twitter. Here they are, for your browsing pleasure!

A note on passion projects:

Passion projects have a way of igniting the soul in an incredible way; they breathe new life, vim & vigour into our lungs and allow us to explore unchartered creative territory. Through #30DaysOfType, I hoped to take you along for the ride on this passion project and breathe new life into your day, 1 colourful post at a time. Enjoy, inspiring humans!

Cheers, -A