Development Diary - Week Two

Two weeks have flown by, yet I never thought it was possible to learn such a seemingly challenging language at warp speed. Things move quickly at HackerYou, but no one gets left behind. We're all in this together- helping each other out, sharing resources, and being each other's personal cheerleaders throughout the best of times, the worst of times, and all the times in between.

Coding gets easier, especially when 80% of your day is spent tinkering away at SublimeText. Learning shortcuts feels like having a secret wizard-like ability, & if you've had a productive and successful day, coding can be a very poetic experience. The trouble is, it can also become a hot mess very quickly. If things (ie, positioning and floats) just don't go your way, your sanity can also be seriously compromised.

Consistency and best practices are huge at HackerYou, and for good reason. Proper indentation, commenting, and organization make all the difference. When reading through the code of fellow developers, being able to read comments & understand naming conventions is crucial to understanding their thought process & to picking up where they left off. On that note, organization has been this week's focus for our second weekly project. Organizing, indenting, and finding a commenting method that makes my designer eyes happy has been a process of discovery.

Most importantly, I'm surprising myself with my coding abilities. Some things are taking time to become second nature, but with my fingers on the keyboard & eye on the prize, I'm starting to identify problems before they happen. My code is lean & mean, and I'm feeling good. Bring on week 3!