Insights On Process from The UX Reader

Companies that are transparent about their process warm my designer heart; especially when they publish resources that are functional, beautiful, vulnerable and candid. Making these resources available to the world (for free) is just the cherry on top.

Not only does The UX Reader make me proud to be a Mailchimp customer, it also contains some incredibly valuable insights on a variety of hot topics including collaboration, research, hiring, development, refinement and, of course, design. Needless to say, it's a must-share. Enjoy!


Several notable excerpts:


"Getting layout, workflow, language and style just right in one try is almost impossible. Instead, we break every problem down and, piece by piece, move them closer to meeting the needs of our users. We're not trying to nail it the first time out. We're iterating."


"When you hire, look for skill fit, but don't make it your primary evaluation criteria. Look for passion, curiosity, selflessness, openness, confidence, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and intrinsic motivation, too. These things can't be taught- most skills can. 


"Co-mingling across disciplines encourages us all to look at projects from different perspectives. Regardless of what we each do day in and day out, it's all connected and equally important."

If you haven't already, check out The UX Reader !